Our Platform

Science with scale

We work with biopharma to support drug development and clinical decision support by advising on novel imaging and digital biomarkers with expert data analysis. Our unique end-to-end digital platform encompasses the entire drug development lifecycle from phase I to IV, including post marketing surveillance.

Our platform is a scalable and secure infrastructure for the standardisation, capture, analysis and reporting of regulatory compliant clinical data. Our analysis and reporting solutions are chosen by biopharma to better select patients for clinical trials and assess the safety and efficacy of new drugs in development and those on the market today.

With our expertise, our biopharma clients make rapid, better informed, clinically meaningful decisions, more cost effectively.


We have built our platform to provide superior data management and specialist analytics

IXICO’s GCP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant TrialTracker platform delivers a robust and comprehensive set of centralised imaging services designed to efficiently manage the complex imaging workflow from image upload, QC, reading/analysis to reporting and data transfer.

Superior results

IXICO’s machine learning image analysis algorithms:

  • Are disease contextualised analysis algorithms that are data driven to specifically analyse data from people with neurological disease
  • Are more robust to inherent variability between patients, disease stages, scanners and image quality – providing more accurate results

Platform key features

  • Reduce time of data receipt from sites
  • Quickly identifies missing data or errors which are protocol, site and modality specific
  • Streamlined and automated workflow, enabling rapid assessment and reporting of participant eligibility and safety
  • Provides the flexibility to “plug-in” a comprehensive set of validated image analysis algorithms providing a rich set of quantitative image analysis endpoints


Clinical decision support for patient selection and post-marketing surveillance

We partner with biopharma companies to improve clinical trial patient selection and provide clinical decision support services to improve the safety and efficacy of their therapeutics.

Assessa is a secure online digital platform to enable the remote transfer of clinical and imaging data to provide central expert and automated review and analysis. Referring clinicians then receive actionable information to inform treatment decisions at the point-of-care.


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